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CustomTec supports mid-sized businesses move to, and maintain their data and applications in the cloud.

CustomTec provides advice on structuring an efficient IT environment, manages data and applications in the cloud, maintains cloud infrastructure such as servers and storage that is customisable across public, private and hybrid environments.

CustomTec’s high level of customer engagement and satisfaction is driven by significant investment in its service platform.


  • Sector: Homecare / Allied Health / Primary Care
  • Investment Year: CY 2018
  • Status: Current
  • Website: https://www.zenitas.com.au

Zenitas Healthcare is a community-based healthcare provider operating in three distinct verticals.

1. Home Care: support services to aged and disabled people in their home
2. Mobile Care: allied health services into residential aged care facilities
3. Clinics: Allied health and GP services in clinic


CraigCare Aged Care is a provider of residential aged care to elderly residents who can no longer live unassisted.

CraigCare Aged Care communities cater for all types of care needs, including residential aged care, respite, dementia and palliative care. More than nursing home accommodation, CraigCare Aged Care communities are designed to keep residents engaged and connected with their family, friends and local community.

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